Payroll Deduction

KENTUCKY FACILITIES THAT UTILIZE PAYROLL DEDUCTION are Berea Health and Rehabilitation, Telford Terrace and Baptist Health Richmond Hospital, along with PCI facilities in Madison and Kenwood (Richmond), Stanton and Irvine Nursing. Orders may not exceed $75 every two weeks and ANY items may be ordered, including medical supplies and accessories.
Order of three (3) pieces or more are only assessed $5.95 for delivery and delayed payment, otherwise orders under three (3) pieces are have a standard delivery fee of $8.95.
ALL INFORMATION IS SUBMITTED ON THE BILLING INFORMATION PAGE DURING CHECK-OUT OR IN ANY OF THE COMMENTS SECTIONS DURING CHECK-OUT: 1. Enter your credit card. 2. Enter Payroll Deduct for the Discount Code. 3. Enter your information in the Comments Section: Facility Name, Last 4 Digits of SS #, Part-time or Full-time Status. HOSPITAL EMPLOYEES MUST LIST THEIR BADGE I.D. NUMBER. You may see a few cents such as $.54 upon check out - simply ignore!
We are not responsible for unfulfilled orders that are missing mandatory information. Optional: Orders may be called into 859.626.8957 - Mon-Fri 9am - 5 pm.

With utilizing the Discount Code 'PAYROLL DEDUCT,' permission is granted to EZ Care and your employer to deduct your order total from your payroll check over the next 1-2 payroll periods according to your employer's policies Neither the facility nor EZ Care are responsible for determining the date of your first deduction. You should receive your order within 10-14 working days with no guarantees, and we will make every attempt to process it as soon as possible, so you can receive it sooner! For expedited shipping (with added applicable charges), please call. Additional questions/comments may be added in the Comment Section. Utilize the Contact Us feature for additional contact information.

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